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Felony Trial Lawyer Chattanooga TN

Criminal charge is not a joke, it is serious matter that could even destroy anyone’s life. One good example here is felony crime. This is considered as a high-level criminal offense. It is much serious offense than misdemeanour and comprise of various serious crime like espionage, murder, racketeering, rape, treason, aggravated assault, fraud and even drug possession. Conviction for felony could result in severe punishment, which includes exclusion from your profession, prison time, loss of your right in voting or worst, execution in state, which enables capital punishment.

Most states do cover felony crimes although other felonies would be covered of the federal laws that is meant to give protection for the country. Crimes being determined by the law itself as a state felony are being tried right on the state court. Proofs or evidence will be burdened by the prosecution. They should bring strong evidences so they could convince juries beyond reasonable doubt, which the accused person really did the crime. Document and witnesses could be brought to support the case. When there would be a felony conviction, then another hearing would be convened so they could decide for the right sentence on the felon. During sentencing hearing, most of the time, they let the convicted felon to stand and speak for himself or herself on the judge as well as character witnesses so they could bring forward and attempt on lightening up the sentence of the felon. You should know that every felony case is unique and there are also various types of conviction, which may lead into different punishments.

Zachary Newman Attorney at Law

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, he has the experience and expertise to fight for your rights within the courtroom. He can excellently handle your any felony case. He knows and understand deeply and even tried cases coming from both sides such as murder cases which involves death, life and life without parole sentence.

Most felony cases proceeds into trials, that is why it is important that your trial lawyer is highly experienced. Through his unparalleled experience, this man can represent any individual being charged of a full range of felony crime.

His firm also have investigators, which can greatly help your case. They have the knowledge with ballistics, DNA evidence and crime scene evidences. They prepare thoroughly every case, evaluate and examine proofs for the admissibility, interviewing possible witnesses and striving so hard so they could counteract with the strategy of the prosecution.

Right after the evaluation of the case, he will give you some advice you can choose from. If he believes that it is best for you to plea, then he will right away. But if it is a better option for you to go on with the trial, he will fight for you aggressively.

For free consultation, you can call him at (423) 582-9778 or email him at You may also visit him at his office at 19 Patten Pkwy Chattanooga, TN 37402. He will be glad to talk to you soon with your legal concerns.